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Monday, 13 March 2006

"Tomboy" Update

I have uploaded a progress picture of "Tomboy" to my gallery. It is just a blob of sky at the moment and as stated yesterday will be the same but larger for the next six pages. I should be able to finish this first page next week when I rotate back to it and then will remove the grid lines. I am gridding page by page so it isn't so overwhelming or time consuming.

I am so glad I started gridding my fabric as it makes it much easier to stitch and it helps to stop mistakes. I use Coats Cristallina Metallic Thread in purple to outline each page and pink to grid each 10 x 10 block. The method I use is over 5 holes and then under 5 as I like the half way point of each block marked. Metallic thread is best for gridding as it can be left in while stitching as it resists the needle piercing it. It is very easy to remove once the stitching is complete. I tried gridding with regular sewing thread and got into such a mess I almost gave up all together.

A Favourite Quote:
"The Dress Is By Ralph Lauren…
The Body by Chocolate Chip!"

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