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Saturday, 24 February 2007

My husband Richard runs a software games business, and recently published the latest release in the Repton games series. The main character in these games is called Repton because he's a green reptile!

Anyway, it has been such a great success that I have been helping to fulfil the orders for the Repton software; one of the reasons I have been so busy lately.

Richard has received some lovely emails from customers expressing their pleasure with the Repton games, which is very gratifying for us. Several customers have said they are the best games they have ever played, and he received these rewarding comments from two customers recently:

"I have bought Repton 1, 2, 3 and Spectacular from you and love them all."

"I'm really enjoying Spectacular. It has to be the best £9 worth of entertainment that I've ever had."

We are delighted that the games are loved so much!

If you would like to download a free trial version to see what I have been waffling about click here.

Friday, 23 February 2007

There are three progress pictures this time. The first one is Monday nights SAL Sleigh Ride:

Sleigh Ride - 19 Feb 2007

I have finished the main clump of trees top left and stitched the snow at the top of the first roof, although the photo doesn't show this very clearly.

The second photo is Tuesday nights SAL Celtic Winter:

Celtic Winter - 20 Feb 2007
I have finished one page of the cloak and started the next page.

Now let me introduce you to the headless horseman:
A Favour - 22 Feb 2007
This photo is my progress on HAED - A Favour. I had planned to finish his head before posting a progress pic but that would be another page and I want a break from this design. The photo shows page 24 and 28. There are a lot of colour changes and quite a few colours only have one or two stitches per colour!

I am now going back to stitch on HAED - Tomboy. I would like to get the current page finished.

Saturday, 17 February 2007

I don't know where this week has gone, it just flew past! Here are the weekly update photos for the two SAL, better late than

The first one is Sleigh Ride:
Sleigh Ride - 12 Feb 2007

This is Celtic winter. I stitched it on Wednesday for a couple of hours instead of Tuesday as my parents and sister came on Tuesday evening:
Celtic Winter - 14 Feb 2007

I have also been stitching on HAED - A Favour and was going to post an update photo, but at the moment I have a headless rider which is rather alarming! lol I decided to finish the page before taking a photo.

Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Weekly Cross Stitch Update

I only managed to stitch on Sleigh Ride for around 30 minutes on Monday evenings SAL, so not much progress. I stitched the tree trunks:

Sleigh Ride - 5 Feb 2007

I stitched for much longer on Celtic Winter for Tuesday evenings SAL. I finished all the darker blue on the page:

Celtic Winter - 6 Feb 2007

Here is the current picture of HAED – Tomboy as of 3 Feb:

Tomboy - 3 February 2007

I didn’t get around to taking the photo until now. I am going to come back and continue this page next week. I have really started to enjoy stitching this now I can see the picture developing.


I had a great birthday (although no stitching)! I spent the day with R who surprised me by playing his guitar. He hasn’t picked it up for over 8 years and still managed to play beautifully. I was so touched; it was the highlight of my day.

I did well with presents, which included 12 HAED charts! I received:

"Giaccometta" Krystal Camprubi
"Ice Wind 2" Linda Tso
"Martyrs" Tracy Butler
"SunkenTreasure" Schim Schimmel
"Sunnia Golden Dragon" Linda Tso
"Swans" Ruth Sanderson
"TheAccolade" Leighton
"The Crown Jewel" Schim Schimmel
"Victory" Selina Fenech

Click here to see pictures. I can’t wait to start them all! I can see my rotation growing.

In a birthday card I was given a few lotto scratch cards which I won £19 with, which added to the fun of the day.