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Wednesday, 8 March 2006

Time to Organise

I collect stitching magazines and have for a few years. It has got to the point where there isn't enough space to store them properly. Also when I want to stitch something I can never find the magazine that I saw the chart in so I end up stitching something else instead. So I have made the decision to go through each magazine and take out any chart that I am or could be interested in stitching at some point. The pages are going to be stored in clear plastic wallets in presentation binders. To save space I am putting all the pages relating to two charts in one wallet with the colour picture of each showing front and back. I am putting the magazine name, issue number and date as well as the page numbers that have been removed on a slip at the front of the wallet. Eventually I will make a list of all the designs so I can find them easily when wanted. Time allowing I will scan each colour picture and make an album of designs to make it easier still. That is the theory anyway! Considering the number of magazines I have and the limited time I am going to be spending on the task (well I have to stitch everyday don't I?) it is going to take years. I want to keep it fun as that is really the point of stitching so I am not going to put a time limit on it, well only to keep ahead of new magazines that arrive so I don't have to store them in a pile on the floor.

Tonight I am aiming to spend an hour or so stitching on "Tomboy" and listening to "A Breathe of Snow and Ashes" audio book, watching an episode of Star Trek Enterprise with my husband and then going through a few more magazines. Bliss! It has been a long busy day and I am looking forward to the time relaxing, if I can keep awake long enough that is.

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