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Tuesday, 7 March 2006

Then there was light!

I have been struggling with the light in the lounge where I stitch for quite awhile. It became more of a problem when I started stitching the Heaven and Earth designs as they are so large and the light from my usual lamp didn't shine in the right place. Problem solved, I am now a proud owner of an 'Ultimate Daylight Lamp'. It is fantastic as I can wheel it to where I need, it has a strong clamp and a very good magnifier attached and the most important thing is the light is brilliant. It looks good in the lounge as well and the attachments come off if we need it to look like a regular lamp. My husband likes it as well, so I am one happy bunny!

A Favourite Quote:
A House is built of Walls and Beams
A Home is built of Love and Dreams

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