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Saturday, 1 April 2006

Snowdrops and Memes

I managed to finish the snowdrop coaster for my mum in time for her to collect yesterday. Here is a scan:
Snowdrop Coaster
She was very pleased and I have been told it has been put to use already. Snowdrops remind mum of her dad and bring back happy memories for her, so when I saw the chart I had to stitch it for her.

It was also my first attempt at "couching". I was anxious when I first realised it needed a different stitch than I have tried as I usually don't enjoy doing any stitching except cross stitch; but it turned out to be really easy and I enjoyed doing it. It was an effective stitch for the stem.

I have just come across Memes and thought I would start to answer some in my blog. Here is a stitching one:

1. Have you ever tried dying your fabrics for stitching?
Not yet.

2. If so, how did it go, if not would you like to someday?
It is something I would love to try, I have loads of white aida all ready waiting. I am currently trying to find the right type of dye as the one that was recommended to me "RIT" doesn't seem available in the UK. If someone has any suggestions please get in touch.

A Favourite Quote:
"I will honour Christmas in My Heart
and keep it there all year long"
by Charles Dickens

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