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Thursday, 20 April 2006

101 Tasks in 1001 Days

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Start Date: 15th April 2006
Deadline: 09th January 2009
Tasks completed: 4
Tasks Left: 97
  1. Get filing up to date
  2. Clear out old files
  3. Put Anchor threads into inventory (like DMC)
  4. Remove charts I like from stitching magazines - enough to be able to keep them neatly on the bookcase
  5. Catalogue DVD's
  6. Catalogue Books
  7. Sort A5 card
  8. Sort card blanks
  9. Sort out peel off's
  10. Back up PC
  11. Organise my wardrobe
  12. Get cards made for year ahead
  13. Find homes for all my hobby bits
  14. Find 12 new recipes
  15. Organise my recipe file
  16. Sort out plan so can get and keep up-to-date with things
  17. Thoroughly clean house
  18. Sort through perfumes and give away ones not keen on now
  19. Defrost freezer
  20. Do inventory of food in freezer
  21. Get bath fixed
  22. Frame all completed cross stitch
  23. Put wedding photos into memory album - Get advice
  24. Organise handmade cards given to me
  25. Organise handmade cards made by me until time to give out
  26. Keep inbox clear for 2 straight months
  27. Sort out organised 'home' for manicure things
  28. Put my videos onto DVD's
  29. Get accounts up to date
  30. Do candle inventory with comments about fragrance
  31. Do new up-to-date address book
  32. Organise my rubber stamps
  33. Sort out storage for seasonal bits
  34. Do inventory of my collections
  35. Do inventory of my jewellery
  36. Use or loose cleaning supplies
  37. Use or loose toiletries
  38. Get pictures hung on wall
  39. Design new look to lounge
  40. Plan garden
  41. Get all stock entered up-to-date
  42. Write book
  43. Write my CV
    Personal Care
  44. Loose weight - 1 stone
  45. Do Tae Bo once a week for 2 straight months
  46. Learn all the 'Total Fitness' exercises
  47. Do the 'Total Fitness' exercises 3 times a week for 2 straight months
  48. Do a facial once a month for 6 straight months
  49. Do a manicure once a week for 2 straight months
  50. Sort out airbrush nails kit and try out
  51. Have professional photo taken
  52. Find mobile beauty therapist
  53. Have a beauty treatment with above
  54. Have a week off
  55. Get pair of smart comfortable shoes
  56. Watch every episode of Star Trek Enterprise
  57. Watch every episode of Star Trek Voyager
  58. Watch every episode of Alias
  59. Watch every episode of Quantum Leap
  60. Listen to complete Diana Gabaldon 'Outlander' series (unabridged version)
  61. Listen to complete Janet Evanovich 'Stephanie Plum' series (unabridged version)
  62. Stitch 4 coasters for each season
  63. Finish stitching baby lion
  64. Finish stitching Japanese lady
  65. Finish stitching Celtic Autumn
  66. Finish stitching giraffe
  67. Finish stitching Winter boxer
  68. Design 'Birthday' chart for quilt
  69. Stitch 'Birthday' chart
  70. Make quilt of Lizzie*Kate Flip-it's
  71. Make some 'summer' bits for wooden tree
  72. Stitch/decorate 8 tops
  73. Make some candles - seasonal colour theme
  74. Dye some Aida
  75. Take some decent photos
  76. Get up-to-date photos of every family member
  77. Put above in album
  78. Make paper
  79. Get a healthy Aloe Vera plant and keep alive for duration of this exercise
  80. Do 10 random acts of kindness
  81. Get volunteer charity job
  82. Buy a meal for a homeless person
    Improving Mind
  83. Learn basics for all main religions
  84. Learn how to make Blinkies
  85. Study fashion through the ages
  86. Read 4 self-improvement books and try out ideas
  87. Read bible right through
  88. Learn how to meditate
  89. Work through home marketing course
  90. Try some food I've never eaten before
  91. Release a message in a bottle (or balloon)
  92. Go to garden centre
  93. Do something different than normal
  94. List cross stitch kits not going to stitch on personal website
  95. Make buttons for blog and set up with links
  96. Set up Blinkie web page
  97. Get a hot tub
  98. Dance in the rain
  99. Have a carpet picnic
  100. Fly a kite
  101. Swing on a swing

I am going to put a countdown timer in my side bar, I tried adding it to this post but it didn't show up. I will cross items off this list when I have completed something. I am also going to post my progress as I work through items.

A Favourite Quote:
"Too many people overvalue what they are not and undervalue what they are."
Malcolm S. Forbes

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1 comment:

Kip said...

My god thats a list and a half! I used to love quantum leap, I could hit that goal easily!