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Sunday, 9 April 2006

Show Your Backs

Todays stitching meme:

1. Are your backs neat or messy?

I used to keep my backs really neat, taking ages to get them right, then I came to the conclusion that it was taking time on something that is never shown (until now). With so much to stitch and so little stitching time it wasn't worth it. I still make sure there are no knots and ends are finished off properly. Also I use the loop start which helps with neatness. Now though I do take the thread from one stitch to another when it is a block away instead of finishing off and restarting, unless it is going behind an area that is going to be left unstitched.

2. Post a picture or two of your projects backsides.

How embarrasing! Do I really want to do this - oh well, this is a picture of the back of my current project HAED Tomboy:
Tomboy back

I will be posting a picture of the front tomorrow - the excitement, can you wait?
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