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Tuesday, 11 April 2006

Bit of History

As I was sorting through my stitching magazines I came across an article about DMC and thought it was interesting.
History of The DMC Coporation
DMC was founded in Mulhouse, France, in 1746 by Jean Dollfus. When his son, Daniel, married Anne-Marie Mieg and added her name to his, the company adopted the name Dollfus-Mieg et Compagnie to recognize Daniel's contributions. DMC began producing sewing and needlework threads in the mid-1800s and first manufactured embroidery floss in 1897. The first manufacturer ever to mercerize thread, DMC still double mercerizes its threads, which accounts for their strength, colorfastness and brilliance.
The article was in the USA magazine 'Just Cross Stitch'.

It is just a shame the threads cost so much in the UK - something I have never understood. It seems crazy that the trade price in the UK is dearer than the retail price in the USA.

A Favourite Quote:
"Chocolate: Proof that God loves me, and wants me to be happy!"

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