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Thursday, 27 April 2006

101 Progress

Although I have only finished two things to cross off my 101 list I am working towards a few of the goals:

#4 I am going through a couple of magazines every evening before bed and removing charts that I like. I was managing up to ten a day, but now I am doing 'New Stitches' and there are a lot more designs I like so it is taking me longer to file them. I think when I have finished the 'New Stitches' ones I will have enough room on my bookcase and will cross it off the list although I will be continuing until I have gone through all my magazines.

#5 and 6 I have got the 'Readerware' software all ready to use and have made a start at entering both books and DVD's. I also got the Palm edition so I can import the lists onto my palm. I love the software so far and am looking forward to working on this.

#9 My peel off collection is sorted into sections such as Christmas pictures, Christmas wording, happy birthday (thanks mum!) and I have worked out how I am going to store them. I decided on an A4 presentation binder with clear plastic wallets. The wallets are going to be stapled down the centre which makes them the perfect size for peel off's. I can then keep four designs per wallet (two at the front and two at the back).

#17 I have done housework top to bottom, but would like to do it more thoroughly before I cross it off. At least if I keep up with it when I do a 'spring clean' it will be easier.

#18 I am using a different perfume each day and I am giving away any that I am not keen on or just don't suit me. I used to belong to a perfume club so have lots of mini bottles to get through.

#22 I have a couple of frames and mounts ordered and should have them in a week or so. My dad is helping me to do the framing. We are going to do a couple at a time until they are all done.

#24 and 25 I have A6 clear plastic boxes ready to sort the cards into. I haven't decided how to keep cards larger than A6 yet.

#26 I managed get my inbox clear near the start of begining this list and now I need to keep it that way until 19th June.

#48 I have done a facial in April, so only five more months to go.

#52 I have been searching for a mobile beauty therapist in this area but so far haven't managed to find one.

#56 I am watching an episode of Star Trek Enterprise with Richard every evening. We are onto the final series so this will be crossed off the list soon.

#61 I am listening to the Janet Evanovich 'Stephanie Plum' series (unabridged version) every evening as I stitch. I am currently in the middle of book five 'High Five'.

#62 I have stitched one 'Spring' coaster and chosen a chart for a 'Summer' one.

#64 I am currently stitching the Pinn Japanese lady.

#69 I have started stitching the 'birthday' design for my quilt.

#70 I have got the fabric ready for the quilt.

#80 I have done a couple 'random acts of kindness'.

#81 I have done a basic search to find a suitable charity job.

#80 I am reading a bit of the bible each evening. I am following a breakdown that I found online which takes exactly a year to complete the bible.

#100 I have asked to borrow a kite, which needs to be fixed before I can complete this one.

I am pleased with my progress so far especially as I have been busy work-wise. I am enjoying working through things. I am glad I started this and do recommend it!

A Favourite Quote:
"Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new."
Albert Einstein

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