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Thursday, 6 April 2006

Fruitful Day

I managed to finish some jobs today so feel happier than yesterday. I also think I will be able to finish earlier so will hopefully get a bit more stitching done than I have been able to do so far this week. I am on an easy bit of Tomboy so should see good results tonight.

Todays stitching meme:
1. How many WIP's do you have?

I have started five projects, although I am focussing on two for now, HAED "Tomboy" (color) and Kustom Krafts "Baby Lion". I am also about to start a small project - Lizzie*Kate "Hello Spring" as I would like a spring coaster and think this will be ideal.

2. How many UFO's?

None - I made a point of finishing them all last year before starting anything new.

3. Do you prefer small, medium or large projects?

I like to do a mixture of sizes from napkin rings through to the Heaven and Earth Designs. I find doing smaller designs helps to keep me motivated for the large (and in the case of HAED extra large) projects.

4. Do you consider yourself a rotator or a OOAT'er?

I am a rotator, but at the moment I am concentrating on the two mentioned above (still rotating them every week). I used to stitch on one project at a time but find I need the change to keep motivated.

5. If all your projects were completed (magically) right now, what project(s) would you start next?

I would probably start another L&L (I am trying to stitch all the celtic ladies) and another HAED - not sure which one.

A Favourite Quote:
"The quality of life you experience will be directly related to the quality of the questions you ask."
... Dorothy Leeds

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