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Friday, 8 June 2007

This is my start on HAED's Cabin in the Woods:
Cabin in the Woods - 4 june 2007

I started on page 19 instead of the top left as I usually do. Sorry the photo isn't too good, it does look better IRL. I should get more done the next time I work on this as most of the gridding is done and all the threads are sorted ready and cut into workable lengths.

I haven't been getting as much stitching time lately, so not much to show in this post. I did put a total of 3 stitches into HAED's Seven Hearts on Wednesday. It was our 7th wedding anniversary and although I didn't have time to spend stitching I wanted to have made a start with this chart on the day. We got this design as we thought it was suitable for the occasion.
HAED - Seven Hearts
There are seven hearts hidden in the picture, can you find them?


Sally said...

Lovely start on Cabin.

Seven HEarts is a gorgeous piece. I can't find the seven! I did find six!

Carla said...

nice start on Cabin in the Woods.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

I love the cabin one! I found most of the hearts!

Cindy said...

Congratulations on your anniversary! I'm looking forward to seeing your progress on Cabin...I have this one in my stash and want to start it soon... it reminds me of where I want to live someday :)

Extremlygentle1 said...

Great progress on the Cabin in the Wood and I am going to have a closer look for the hearts *HUGS*

Jennifer said...

I think I can only find six of the hearts. :) Very pretty design!!

Anonymous said...

Great start!

I can only find 6 of the hearts too.