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Friday, 22 June 2007

I took the plunge and changed my blog template. It wasn't as difficult as I thought it was going to be. Don't know why but I was in a pink mood. The colour will no doubt change from time to time. I also designed a banner for the top, eventually I want to add something more 'cross stitch' to it.

This week's stitching time was concentrated on Celtic Winter. I didn't have as much time to spend stitching as usual but I am pleased with the progress made anyway. This is what Celtic Winter looks like now:
Celtic Winter - 20 June 2007

The dress is finished except for the hem.

Tonight I will start gridding for HAED's 'At First Sight' - YUK. I don't enjoy gridding but I do prefer stitching with it in place. This design (when I start the stitching) fits in with my pink mood. :)


Heidi said...

Very pretty!

Cindy said...

Your Celtic Winter is looking wonderful...I love the colors :)

Jennifer said...

Love the new template! And, this piece looks gorgeous!

Sally said...

Love your new template!

Your Celtic Winter is looking beautiful.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

The new template is very lovely!
Your stitching is great too. She is really coming along nicely!

Kathy said...

Wow Jo it loks fantastic. Well done hun.


Carla said...

Celtic looks gorgeous!
Nice template.

Nicola said...

Hi! Thought I'd swim over and take a peek at your blog and to thank you for commenting on mine!

Celtic looks stunning! Good luck with the gridding! Personally I don't do it, but if it works for you, then it's a chore that you're just going to have to do! Hope it goes quickly for you so you can get on with the enjoyment of stitching!

Love the look of your blog by the way - the banner is lovely!


kizmet-kitten said...

She looks beautiful - and good luck with gridding, I hate doing it but it ends up being worth it. I've invested in a set of 'counting pins' for mine, which work since I stitch more or less in rows of ten rows across HAEDs. Whatever works!

Karen said...

Celtic Winter is looking stunning I love it

AnnMcD said...

Thanks for the help with my HAED question. I love looking at everyone's work. Your Celtic Winter is looking great

Nicole said...

Wow, that's beautiful!! I like the template! :)

Anonymous said...

She's beautiful Joanne. I love the changes with the hood and all.

Have you stitched this on aida? I have 4 of these ladies with one half started on evenweave but I doubt I'll finish her, just because of the fabric. Some charts are difficult or impossible to do on aida because of over one stitching or lots of fractionals. I was wondering how you got along with stitching these on aida.

Oh and where did you get the colour conversion and the hood - did you do those yourself?

Anonymous said...

She is great and I love the changes to the hood, I think it makes it
Did you do the colour coversions and hood yourself, or can you get the pattern like that.

I havent seem anything like it in NZ

I would love to do it like you have has more appeal to me.

Great Stitching


Anonymous said...

This is really nice! I've just finished a Celtic Winter, but it doesn't have the hood; did you design that bit yourself or is there a variation of the original floating around?

Cris Uchoas said...


I love the color blue and the Celts, I wonder where you did this wonderful chart in blue. I know a graphic designer of Celtic Winter Lavender & Lace, but the color is not as wonderful as their embroidery.
Could you tell me how can I trim on a chart for a Celtic Winter similar to yours?
Congratulations for fine work in cross-stitch!
Cris Uchôas from Brazil.