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Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Sleigh Ride Day 3

I didn't manage to get as much stitching time tonight as I had too much other stuff to do, but I still managed to make some progress on Sleigh Ride.

Sleigh Ride - 29 January 2007

I have reached the first roof, but still have quite a bit to do before I finish the width of the trees. I will continue with the trees next week, although it is tempting to start the roof.

Thank you for the comments! I love receiving them.


Annemarie said...

Hmmm, good thing you informed us you had reached a roof. I couldn't have guessed :o) Love those colours!

Little Grey Cat said...

It's hard going following this chart isn't it and four strands of thread makes for slow stitching.

You're doing really well though. You've got a lot more done already than me.

Pam said...

Great to see you blogging again! Your stitching is fabulous and I love watching the progress on your various projects. You've gotten a lot done on Tom Boy since I last saw her. Can't wait for more updates =D

Jacqui said...

Oh go on, start the roof, you know you wanna. All joking aside you're all doing really well with this Sleigh Ride.