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Saturday, 13 January 2007

New Year New Start

This year I am working on being organised.

I am updating both my blog and my personal website . I still have loads to do.

I spent ages working out a layout for my cross stitch WIP gallery pages and am pleased with the result. I am receiving good feedback for it already which is great. To see what I have done go to:

My cross stitch goals for 2007 are to have started:
1 HAED - Tomboy
2 WOCS - Regency Lady
3 L&L - Celtic Winter
4 L&L - The Quiltmaker
5 HAED - At First Sight
6 HAED - Pink Rose
7 HAED - A Favour
21 Solaria Gallery – Girl from Alhambra
8 DMC - Home for the Holidays
9 Dimensions - Sleigh Ride
10 Diane Graebner - Christmas Eve
11 Waxing Moon - Bring on the Snow
12 Diane Graebner - Home for the Holidays
13 Lizzie*Kate - Winter Boxer
14 DMC - Tiger and Cub
15 CNSC - The Master (Lion)
16 CNSC - The Visitor (Fox)
17 John Clayton - Mountains and Lakes
18 Mystic Stitch - Evening Lights
19 Leisure Arts - Summer Breeze
20 New Stitches - Highland scene

I have made a webpage on my personal site for my rotation with links to the gallery pages to show ongoing progress. To see it go to:

My progress so far:

HAED - Tomboy

HAED - A Favour

WOCS - Regency Lady

HAED - The Pink Rose

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