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Monday, 29 January 2007

The Master

I thought we had managed to avoid all the bugs going around at the moment, but on Friday both R and I came down with colds. Feeling pretty lousy I couldn’t settle to anything so didn’t achieve as much as I wanted. Of course I did manage to do some stitching! lol I started ‘The Master’ which is the head of a male lion. This is a fun one to stitch so have made good progress.

The Master - 28 January 2007

This weekend we have also changed web hosts for my personal site. So far I have been happy with the new company. If it performs well we will be moving the business website over to it. A job I am not looking forward to, but as long as the new web server does perform well it will be worth it.

This evening (as long as I finish work in time) I will be working on Sleigh Ride for the Monday SAL. I will take a progress picture and upload tomorrow.


Jacqui said...

Good progress on the lion. How's the Dimensions SAL coming along?

Blogger said...

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