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Saturday, 10 March 2007

What a week! It started off with me feeling terrible with the tiredness being joined by a sore throat, ear ache etc. Then on Monday evening my PC went wrong. I have no idea what happened but it was working fine when I left it to do some stitching on Sleigh Ride and when I went back an hour later to do more work it had crashed. Richard (who is a computer genius) came to look at it but he couldn't get it to start. We spent hours trying things and in the end had to leave it to sleep as it was around 4am. I was doing my best to keep calm but it was a struggle as I realised my backup was out of date and I would have lost my years accounts which I had only just got up to date and balanced as well as so much other important work. Tuesday after only a couple of hours sleep was spent sorting out my PC. In the end Richard managed to get it working and I spent the remainder of the week re-installing software and generally getting things set up. It was such a relief when I found out I hadn't lost anything important. I have now done a full backup and plan to keep it up to date. I don't want to go through that again! Thankfully both of us (that is me and my computer) are feeling much better now.

Thank goodness for stitching! Without it I think I would have gone crazy by now - OK more crazy than I usually am. lol

This week I found that Sleigh Ride stitched up quickly. I am pleased with how much I completed:

Sleigh Ride - 5 March 2007

Celtic Winter is coming along nicely as well:

Celtic Winter - 6 March 2007

I also started The John Clayton Collection - Mountains And Lake. I am adapting it as it has the strange fractional stitches that Heritage Stitchcraft loves using. I personally think they spoil this design so I am removing them. So far I am pleased with how it is working out:

Mountains And Lake - 8 March 2007

I promise I will introduce a new colour soon! lol Blue is one of my favourite colours but even so...

Last night I did the gridding for Mystic Stitch - Evening Lights and am looking forward to starting this later today. Although guess what the first colour is? Yep, BLUE!


Sally said...

I hope you are feeling much better now. Hope your PC is behaving too.

Your WIPs are looking brilliant. I've been stitching with a lot of blue this week too!

Anonymous said...

All of your WIP's are coming along so nicely. You definitely seem to like the color blue, so do I :)

Kathy said...

Hope your feeling better soon hun. I haven't been well either. What great progress you have made on Sleigh Ride it looks fab hun.

hugs xxxxx

Carla said...

good progress on all your "blue" wips...I'm glad you didn't lose any info on your computer

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Nothing wrong with blue my dear! I have to watch myself or everything would be blue! LOL! Sorry about the 'puter being so ornery! Just makes you want to take a hammer after them, doesn't it?

Deanne J said...

They all look great, and very pretty blues.