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Saturday, 24 March 2007

Weekly News

This week our main water tap into the house developed a leak. I noticed a strange patch on the wall (which was recently decorated) which turned out to be caused by the leak. What could have been a quick repair turned into a saga, but thankfully it is fixed now. Although the wall does need to be sorted out!

We decided to move HandsOnHobbies to a new web server but it didn't go well and we haven't been able to get it to work correctly so the shop has been closed since Thursday evening. We decided to move it back to the old server for now and then probably start the shop from scratch using new software, which should be fun! Watch this space. lol

On top of which my PC is still throwing tantrums. Considering everything that is going on I am somehow managing to keep calm.

My sister is starting a new chapter in her life as she has just got the keys to her new house and is in the process of moving in. I wish her luck with her new start.

I have adapted my cross stitch rotation. I wasn't enjoying stitching on Sleigh Ride and Celtic Winter for just one evening a week. I prefer to spend at least a few days on a project before packing it away. With Sleigh Ride in particular I never looked forward to starting it and when I had to pack it away I had just started to get into it, so it wasn’t progressing very quickly. I have therefore adapted my rotation so both Sleigh Ride and Celtic Winter have slots every month and I can spend longer on them than just one evening. Also I wanted to have Tomboy as more of a focus piece. My new rotation looks like this:

Diane Graebner - Home for the Holidays
HAED - Pink Rose
HAED - Tomboy
Dimensions - Sleigh Ride
L&L - Celtic Winter
HAED - Tomboy
Diane Graebner - Christmas Eve
Solaria Gallery – Girl from Alhambra
HAED - Tomboy
Dimensions - Sleigh Ride
L&L - Celtic Winter
HAED - Tomboy
DMC - Tiger and Cub
HAED - Cabin in the Woods
HAED - Tomboy
Dimensions - Sleigh Ride
L&L - Celtic Winter
HAED - Tomboy
HAED - At First Sight
L&L - The Quiltmaker
HAED - Tomboy
Dimensions - Sleigh Ride
L&L - Celtic Winter
HAED - Tomboy
CNSC - The Visitor (Fox)
HAED - Invariance
HAED - Tomboy
Dimensions - Sleigh Ride
L&L - Celtic Winter
HAED - Tomboy

I have now also got a list of "Office Projects" which are smaller designs that I will stitch on when I have a few minutes to spare. They are:

Waxing Moon - Bring on the Snow
Lizzie*Kate - Winter Boxer
CSC - Holly Cottage
Derwentwater Designs - Cliff Top
Lizzie*Kate - Flip-it Blessings

My progress photos for the week include Celtic Winter which I did still stitch on Tuesday as usual:

Celtic Winter - 20 March 2007

and Tomboy:
Tomboy - 23 March 2007

I stitched half a page.

As soon as I get a chance I am starting Diane Graebner - Home for the Holidays. I am looking forward to this one. It should be an easier stitch. I wonder if it will make me feel Christmassy in March! lol


Jamie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am taking photos tomorrow so there should be updates... although The Night is too slow so there won't be pictures of that until Thursday.

Tomboy is my favorite HAED! She looks fabulous. You have a load of projects going - I can't wait to keep up with them.

Dede said...

Tomboy is looking fabulous and I am really enjoying watching your progress on Celtic Winter. I never realized how lovely that design was until I saw your WIPs.

I like the way you have your WIP pics set up in your sidebar. Another of your ideas I may have to borrow! I wish I had an eye for design, but I guess I will have to settle for using other people's ideas (with credit of course!).

Jacqui said...

Loving the WIPs and am watching your progress with interest Jo. I know what you mean about wanting to do more work on the SALs. I just spent most of the week at Kathy's stitching on my Dimensions SAL.

Extremlygentle1 said...

Your work looks stunning and your rotation is very comprihensive, I wish that I could be that regimented and then my stash wouldn't look so big. *HUGS*

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Your stitching is looking lovely as always! Sorry about that darn leak! GRRRRR!!!!! Best of luck to your sister and to getting the shop going. Looking forward to browsing it and finding lots of things I can't live without!

Sally said...

Good luck with your new rotation!

Your WIPs look fantastic.

Sorry to hear about the leak but pleased you got it sorted.

Anonymous said...

Some wonderful stitching again this week Jo. I know what you mean about Sleigh Ride. I find it such hard work and am just getting used to reading the chart etc when it's time to put it down. I'm going to work that one through to the end after I've done the photostitch.

You got a leak, we got a damp problem. Pain in the neck isn't it!

Deanne J said...

They both looks great, hope you new rotation works better for you.