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Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Weekly Cross Stitch Update

I only managed to stitch on Sleigh Ride for around 30 minutes on Monday evenings SAL, so not much progress. I stitched the tree trunks:

Sleigh Ride - 5 Feb 2007

I stitched for much longer on Celtic Winter for Tuesday evenings SAL. I finished all the darker blue on the page:

Celtic Winter - 6 Feb 2007

Here is the current picture of HAED – Tomboy as of 3 Feb:

Tomboy - 3 February 2007

I didn’t get around to taking the photo until now. I am going to come back and continue this page next week. I have really started to enjoy stitching this now I can see the picture developing.


~Velda said...

WOW the updates are fantastic! I'm really enjoying your work

Gina said...

Sleigh Ride is looking great!We both seem to have started in the same place!

Rowyn said...

Wow, Tomboy is a beautiful piece. Look forward to seeing your progress.

Kathy said...

Wow all look great Jo, looking forward to seeing more of them. I will be back to the SAL soon, once Sam is finished.

Hugs xxxxx