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Wednesday, 7 February 2007


I had a great birthday (although no stitching)! I spent the day with R who surprised me by playing his guitar. He hasn’t picked it up for over 8 years and still managed to play beautifully. I was so touched; it was the highlight of my day.

I did well with presents, which included 12 HAED charts! I received:

"Giaccometta" Krystal Camprubi
"Ice Wind 2" Linda Tso
"Martyrs" Tracy Butler
"SunkenTreasure" Schim Schimmel
"Sunnia Golden Dragon" Linda Tso
"Swans" Ruth Sanderson
"TheAccolade" Leighton
"The Crown Jewel" Schim Schimmel
"Victory" Selina Fenech

Click here to see pictures. I can’t wait to start them all! I can see my rotation growing.

In a birthday card I was given a few lotto scratch cards which I won £19 with, which added to the fun of the day.


~Velda said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!! I guess we won't see you for a few years with all those haeds waiting in the wings lol

Sally said...

Happy Birthday! Wow that is a lot of HAED charts! You won't be short of a project for a long while!