Sunday, 22 April 2007

2007 Goals

I've realised that I haven't put my 2007 stitching goals into writing so better late than never:

1. I would like to start a rotation of at least 20 projects, most of them large including quite a few HAED. As of 1st January I only had 3 WIP projects, which means a lot of new starts.

2. Get HAED - Tomboy to the 50% mark. I started the year at 29.9% (around 9 and a half pages).

3. Finish more than 4 projects.

Progress as of 22 April 07:

1. I have started 12 of the 20 projects.

2. Tomboy is at the 37.3% mark (12 pages). I have 6 more pages to stitch this year to reach my target.

3. I have finished 1 project (Diane Graebner's - Home for the Holidays)

Week's Progress

The following photos show my stitching progress for the week. The first is Dimensions - Sleigh Ride:

Sleigh Ride

It is 15.7% complete. I am doing the backstitch as I go so it isn't all left to the end.

The second photo is my progress on Celtic Winter:

Celtic Winter

It is 48.6% complete. I finished the cloak and face and just started the dress as originally charted (although I have changed the colours). So far the two halves are fitting together nicely. I was worried how the original charted half would fit together with the cloak. The cloak was designed by Nathalie for a mirror image of Celtic Spring. I am stitching it for the actual Celtic Winter.

I am starting back on HAED - Tomboy today and can't wait!

Sunday, 15 April 2007

HAED progress

This week I have two Heaven and Earth Designs WIP's to show. The first is The Pink Rose:
The Pink Rose - 9 April 2007

I finished page 1. It is just background so not a very interesting picture to look at.

The second is Tomboy:
Tomboy - 14 April 2007

I finished page 13.

I had to re-do a patch of the wall in Tomboy, as I had used the wrong colour thread! It was tempting to leave it being just a patch in the wall which didn't stand out as being wrong. Every time I looked I knew it wasn't right and was going to bother me unless I corrected it. With it out the way I am pleased with my decision.

I am working on Sleigh Ride now, but I am not enjoying it. I would prefer to be stitching on a HAED. They are much larger but easier to stitch in my opinion. I am not sure if all Dimension charts are the same, but I have been put off in case they are. I like to cross stitch in two threads (or an even number at least), so a loop start can be used. I hate blending and with Sleigh Ride sometimes you have to use one of each or two, three or four strands, it just doesn't seem possible to get into a rhythm. As stitching is my hobby, something that should be enjoyable, I made the decision to put Sleigh Ride in to my random rotation rather than a focus project. It means I will still be stitching on it and hopefully one day will finish; but not quickly.

After a couple of days on Sleigh Ride I am moving onto Celtic Winter which is remaining as a focus project. I am hoping to finish the cloak this time around and start the part of the design that was originally charted. I just need to figure out how the two parts fit together!

Thursday, 5 April 2007

First HD of 2007

This week I finished Diane Graebner's - Home for the Holidays. I enjoyed stitching this design; it grew quickly and didn't take much concentration. The windows in the house sparkle but it doesn't show in the photo.
Home for the Holidays

Last night I worked on HAED's - The Pink Rose. I wish I had started this on her face so there was something to look at instead of just the background. From now on I am going to start all large charts on the main part of the picture and then fill in the background. I find I enjoy stitching more when there is something to see other than a blob of colour. Luckily at the bottom right corner of page two I will reach her hair (although I won't get that far this time round). I will continue on The Pink Rose for a few days and then go back to HAED's - Tomboy.

I have updated my rotation page on my site with my new plan. This now includes links to each project page where there is a picture of how it should look when complete. To see it click here:

I haven't decorated the house for Easter this year, unless you count dust bunnies! lol I have got some daffodils, yellow cushion covers and yellow table cloth for Spring and they do brighten the house. I LOVE SPRING!

I hope everyone has a lovely Easter!