Sunday, 15 April 2007

HAED progress

This week I have two Heaven and Earth Designs WIP's to show. The first is The Pink Rose:
The Pink Rose - 9 April 2007

I finished page 1. It is just background so not a very interesting picture to look at.

The second is Tomboy:
Tomboy - 14 April 2007

I finished page 13.

I had to re-do a patch of the wall in Tomboy, as I had used the wrong colour thread! It was tempting to leave it being just a patch in the wall which didn't stand out as being wrong. Every time I looked I knew it wasn't right and was going to bother me unless I corrected it. With it out the way I am pleased with my decision.

I am working on Sleigh Ride now, but I am not enjoying it. I would prefer to be stitching on a HAED. They are much larger but easier to stitch in my opinion. I am not sure if all Dimension charts are the same, but I have been put off in case they are. I like to cross stitch in two threads (or an even number at least), so a loop start can be used. I hate blending and with Sleigh Ride sometimes you have to use one of each or two, three or four strands, it just doesn't seem possible to get into a rhythm. As stitching is my hobby, something that should be enjoyable, I made the decision to put Sleigh Ride in to my random rotation rather than a focus project. It means I will still be stitching on it and hopefully one day will finish; but not quickly.

After a couple of days on Sleigh Ride I am moving onto Celtic Winter which is remaining as a focus project. I am hoping to finish the cloak this time around and start the part of the design that was originally charted. I just need to figure out how the two parts fit together!


Cindy said...

If I used a wrong color thread and even if you couldn't notice, it would bother me too. So it sounds like a good thing that you fixed it :)

Hopefully Sleigh Ride will become more enjoyable for you!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

I can not stand for a mistake to be in my work. no matter if I am the only one who would know it! Your stitching is looking very nice!

Sally said...

The Pink Rose and Tomboy are looking brilliant. I'd be the same if I'd used the wrong colour. Even if I was the only one who knew I'd have to unpick it.

Kathy said...

Wow both HAED designs look fab hun. I have had to put my SAL rota to one side as I have a couple of things that need to be finished before I get back to it, so hopefully my rota will be back on track in the next couple of months. I have found with most of the Dimension kits that I have got in my stash there is a lot of blending. I think once I have done the ones I Have I will not be getting them again Sam is a nightmare at the best of times.

Hugs xxxxx